Number One Rule To Make Money From Home

by Cyndi on July 21, 2014

If you are going to work from home and do the internet marketing business like so many of us do, then the first thing you must get in your head is to “NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU”.……………….

It is so easy to give up when you realize that it does take some work to make money from home.

It is not the push button cash flow that so many scammer’s tell you about in sales videos.

You will have to work to make it, you will have to put in at least a couple hours a day, but you can make it!

I saw this and thought that this is how I feel about it, and wanted to share:


makemoneyfromhome 300x267 Number One Rule To Make Money From Home


New Changes This Year!

by Cyndi on June 18, 2014

I can not even begin to tell you all the changes that have personally come into MY LIFE this year and I hope to make some positive changes to yours also!  The first one I can NOT do for you…..because I got married this year!

So “obviously” I can not help you with that!  LOL…………but I have vowed to “help others” so their lives can change and they can help others also.   One of my favorite Pastors always says, “How do you expect to bless others it you are not blessed?”

Boy oh boy……. did that hit a nerve for me!  He is right!  Once I got that in my brain I got myself in gear and went to work at this business!  I have never looked back and I have to tell you, that it is a wonderful feeling to bless others.

Some of it is putting yourself in the right mindset, but once you have “your aha moment”, miracles can happen!  I love coaching and helping others, and hope to build a long and lasting relationship with you.  Please leave me your name and email on my blog so you can continue to hear from me.   I declare good stuff coming your way!

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